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We are all finding new ways to get our work done. Gone are the days of a daily commute to an office and a clock telling us to go home.  We've all grown accustomed to laptop work, done where we can find a place to sit and connect to decent wifi.  In this new era of work, we have found freedom and an ability to do work on our own terms. 

Yet, this new world of work brings its own challenges. Kitchen tables, childcare issues, barking dogs, and poor internet connectivity make problems for work done away from the office. Oftentimes, we just need a quiet place to plug in our laptops.  A place with fast, dependable internet and really good coffee.

The Hive in Downton Cañon City solves these problems. In our comfortable, well-appointed space, we provide private, semi-private and open coworking spaces for professionals who needs a quiet, comfortable place to plug in and work.  Our options include fully private and secured office spaces, and options for those who just need a spot for a day. Everyone enjoys the use of our kitchen, amenities, and the best wifi in Fremont County.

We are located on Main Street in a historic building that has followed Cañon City through it's amazing history.  We are steps away from fine restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping.

Whether you are a local professional looking to lease a permanent space, or a traveler stopping to take a virtual meeting,

The Hive in Downtown Cañon City is waiting for you to stop by and plug in.

Traditional Office Space

Make The Hive Your Permanent Place To Work

We opened The Hive to be a comfortable and productive space for anyone who needs a place to work. The traditional offices are private, secure, and individualized. For the working professionals who need a permanent place to plug a computer in, our traditional spaces are perfect. We offer these on a variety of lease terms and would love to reserve a space for you to join us.

Join us and make The Hive your permanent place to do your work.  

traditional office space

Semi-Private Temporary Space

Work In A Quiet Space

The Hive is full of comfortable spaces for those who need a temporary place to get some work done. These are perfect for the traveler who needs good wifi on their way through town, or the local professional who needs a place to focus on work away from distractions. These spaces can be reserved with the purchase of day passes and can be easily scheduled online.

The Zest and Hum is our newest shared space. They combine the ease of a one-day stay with the privacy of a permanent office. These spaces are perfect for professionals who needs to participate in a virtual call, lead a virtual meeting, or just work in a quiet space. Reserve The Zest or Hum today and join us at The Hive. Our incredible Wifi and good coffee are waiting for you.

Join us to plug your computer in and drink a great cup of coffee.

zest hum


Open Temporary Spaces

Stop In And Do Some Work

There are times when we are out of our normal workspaces. Whether you are traveling, a stay-at-home mom who needs a little peace and quiet, or just tired of your slow Wifi, The Hive has a solution in our Open Temporary Spaces.  Reserve a day for one of these spaces and enjoy the professional energy, incredibly fast Wifi, and our really good coffee The Hive has to offer.

Our Open Temporary Spaces offer a desk, chair, power and Wifi, and access to our many amenities. Our historic downtown location is centrally located in Cañon City, CO and is steps away from shopping, coffee shops, and fantastic restaurants.

Come in, plug in your computer, and get some work done.  We'll take care of the rest.  

open space

Community Spaces

Gather At The Hive

Larger groups who need spaces to gather and meet can easily schedule classroom and conference amenities at The Hive. These spaces are perfect for classes, meetings, conferences, and family gatherings. We are happiest when community members utilize our facilities to make important things happen. Think of The Hive when you need to gather around a table or teach a class.

Join us when you need a space to gather your people.

classroom conference

The Wellness Collective

Heal At The Hive

We are so pleased to offer our newest space: The Wellness Collective. We created it for health, wellness, and healing professionals who need a place to offer their professional services.  The Wellness Collective is private, comfortable, quiet and equipped with the amenities to provide care. We want to be the place where the community comes to pursue wellness and healing.

Help and heal the community within the comfortable confines of The Wellness Collective. 

wellness collective

The Hive is Full of Dynamic People

Much More Than Just a Place to Work!

In a world that is moving faster than ever, Coworking office solutions have become the preferred way to get work done. Many professionals don't want the expense or commitment of a building full of private offices.  They may want a smaller space to work from, or a temporary space to take a phone call or plug the computer in.  

At The Hive, we have designed a creative, transitional working environment for anyone who needs a place to plug in to get work done. We offer traditional, private office spaces for professionals who need a permanent office solution; shared spaces for those who simply need a place to sit and work; community spaces for those who need to host a conference or teach a class; and The Wellness Collective for wellness and healing professionals looking to offer their services in a quiet, tranquil, and private atmosphere. 

Join us for an afternoon or the next five years. We always have a great cup of coffee waiting.

Join Us To Get Your Work Done

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