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Grab a Seat and Open Your Laptop!

We have made space at The Hive for travelers, part-time workers, stay-at-home parents, students and anyone who needs a quiet place to think, create and plug a computer in.  These shared spaces offer access to the kitchen amenities and the incredibly fast 500 mbs up and down wifi The Hive provides. The spaces are comfortable and semi-private- the perfect space to escape the noise and distractions of the world.

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The Hive Classroom

Learn at The Hive

Our investment in Cañon City includes our strong commitment to education.  As part of this commitment, The Hive is proud to offer well-appointed classroom space for local businesses, non-profit organizations, and current patrons and members.

This space is perfect for any group in need of a space to learn, grow, and socialize. Included is a mounted, large screen television with computer-display compatibility, long tables, and chairs to accommodate everyone. It's a comfortable space with access to all of The Hive amenities.

The Hive Conference Room

Gather at The Hive

Our investment in Cañon City includes our strong commitment to the entire community.  The Hive Conference Room is part of this commitment as it offers a place to meet, gather, and learn.  Have your next meeting in our spacious, well-appointed conference space. 

The Hub

When Working From Home Is No Longer Working

The Hub is small in stature but perfect for the professional who doesn't require a large space to do important work. This comfortable, private, and well-secured space might not be as big as its counterparts, but it has a large personality.


The Polestar

A Cozy Place To Get Your Work Done

The Polestar is the perfect spot for a working professional who needs a secure, private space to finish work.  Open the door to be a part of the buzz that fills The Hive, or close it to ensure the privacy and security you're looking for.


The Base Camp

This Space Can Be Your Base Camp

The Base Camp is a secured space perfect for a professional who needs a comfortable, private, and secure space to get work done. It is 72 square feet, comes furnished with lamps, desk, and office chair, and has a large Main Street facing window full of streaming sunlight. 


The Haven

A Private Place To Get Work Done

The Haven, with its enormous exposed brick wall, is private, secured, and the perfect option for a professional who needs a comfortable, well-appointed space to get work done.  


The Summit

Private Office Space Perfect for a Small Team

The Summit offers a space that is large enough for groups to collaborate and small enough to feel like home. The exposed brick wall reveals this building's 100-year history and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for getting your work done.


The Rush

A Small Space For Important Work

The Rush is a small space with enormous possibilities. Close the door behind you to shut out the world and get your work done.  Slide it open to socialize with other professionals who make The Hive their home. Leave your work and your equipment on the countertop desk and lock the door behind you.  It's your space...make it work for you.


The Matrix

A Home Office Away From Home

The Matrix is a smaller space that is perfect for anyone looking for a private and secure place to finish their business. This snug 6x8 office is well-appointed with a desk, office chair, wastebasket , and desk lamp.


The Sentinel

Private Office Space for Working Professionals

The Sentinel is one of our comfortable private office spaces. This private space offers:

  • Dedicated, secured workspace with 24 hour access using the Isonas keyless entry cell phone app
  • Spacious dimensions: 19'8" x 15'3"
  • High speed internet access- Password protected fiber optic wifi with 500 mbs up and down
  • 8 hours of access to The Hive's Conference and Classroom (additional time can be purchased at patron prices)
  • Unlimited use of The Hive's copier and scanner
  • Access to the kitchen amenities: microwave, sink, refrigerator, toaster, electric teapot, and coffee maker
  • Really good coffee and tea
  • Free parking in the designated lot behind The Hive
  • Business promotion via The Hive's website and social media accounts
  • Ingoing and outgoing mail service
  • Paid utilities

The Catalyst

Well-Appointed Professional Office Space

The Catalyst, a spacious, secure, and private coworking space is a large, well-appointed room with an urban feeling. The exposed brick wall and industrial-style sliding barn door walls make it as attractive as it is functional.


Amenities At The Hive

All Spaces Include

At The Hive, we prioritize security above everything else. This dedicated, secured workspace can be accessed 24 hours/day using the Isonas keyless entry cell phone app.

Anyone using The Hive’s WiFi will be impressed with the password-protected, fiber-optic WiFi with 500 Mbs up and down. There is not faster, more reliable WiFi internet in Cañon City.

Patron Benefits
We love sharing our coworking spaces with patrons and want them to spend more time with us. The Hive offers eight hours of access to The Hive's Conference and Classroom at no additional cost.  (More time can be purchased at patron prices).

At The Hive, we often spend more time outside of our coworking spaces as we do working in them. Patrons enjoy full use of the kitchen facilities: sink, refrigerator, microwave, coffee and tea makers, and a large table to sit and enjoy your lunch. Patrons also benefit from free designated parking in the lot behind the building. The Hive provides mail service, unlimited use of the copier and scanner and paid utilities. Finally, we serve really good coffee and tea throughout the day.

The Hive actively promotes patron businesses on our social media and website. We want to help your customers find you. By making any private space at The Hive your professional home, you have done more than find a place to do your work and secure your equipment.  Patrons who work at The Hive become a part of an active, thriving community who work to support one another in professional endeavors.

The Hive is not a building that provides office space to those who need it.  It is a Hive, the center of a thriving community of business professionals who call this place home. Come into The Hive any time to explore our spaces, plug in your computer, and have a cup of coffee.

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