Who uses coworking space at The Hive?

  • Small business owners working from their kitchen tables who want a quieter, business-oriented space to conduct business.
  • Technology users who need a fast Internet connection. The Hive has 500 mbs up/ 500 mbs down fiber optic internet.
  • Travelers who need comfortable, secure coworking space to complete a day's work.
  • Early birds and night owls who need to work when everyone else is doing something else.
  • Solopreneurs who desire quality coworking space but don't want to lock into high-cost brick and mortar commercial lease agreements.
  • Remote workers, digital nomads, and telecommuters who feel isolated and seek company and community.
  • Community members who need conference, class, or event space rental.
  • Anyone who needs a space to work, a community of like-minded professionals, and a great cup of coffee.

What can The Hive patrons expect?

Hive Patrons, professionals who have leased private space, enjoy many benefits beyond having a dedicated office to secure their things and get their work done. We value our patrons and want them to feel welcome, accommodated, and secure when they are here with us.

At The Hive, we prioritize security above everything else. This dedicated, secured workspace can be accessed 24 hours/day using the Isonas keyless entry cell phone app.

Anyone using The Hive’s wifi will be impressed with the password-protected, gigabit fiber internet with 1,000 mbs up and down. There is not faster, more reliable wifi in Cañon City.

Patron Benefits
We love sharing our coworking spaces with patrons and want them to spend more time with us. The Hive offers eight hours of access to The Hive's Conference and Classroom at no additional cost.  (More time can be purchased at patron prices).

At The Hive, we often spend more time outside of our coworking spaces as we do working in them. Patrons enjoy full use of the kitchen facilities: sink, refrigerator, microwave, coffee and tea makers, and a large table to sit and enjoy your lunch. Patrons also benefit from free designated parking in the lot behind the building. The Hive provides mail service, unlimited use of the copier and scanner and paid utilities. Finally, we serve really good coffee and tea throughout the day.

The Hive actively promotes patron businesses on our social media and website. We want to help your customers find you.

By making any private space at The Hive your professional home, you have done more than find a place to do your work and secure your equipment.  Patrons who work at The Hive become a part of an active, thriving community who work to support one another in professional endeavors.  The Hive is not a building that provides office space to those who need it.  It is a Hive, the center of a thriving community of business professionals who call this place home. Come into The Hive any time to explore our spaces, plug in your computer, and have a cup of coffee.

What can The Hive members expect?

The Hive members have purchased passes that allow 24-hour access to our coworking spaces and the many amenities we offer.

These include:

  • A clean, comfortable workspace with 24-hour access using the Isonas keyless entry cell phone app.
  • High-speed internet access: Password-protected gigabit fiber internet with 1,000 mbs up and down.
  • Access to the kitchen amenities: microwave, sink, refrigerator, electric teapot, and coffee maker.  
  • Really good coffee and tea. Free parking in the designated lot behind The Hive.

1 day pass                $20.00
10 day passes         $125.00 (Must be used within four months of purchase)
25 day passes         $250.00 (Must be used within six months of purchase)

When can I access The Hive?

We recognize that not everyone works during normal business hours. Therefore, patrons and members enjoy access to The Hive coworking space twenty-four hours a day by using the Isonas keyless entry app on their cell phones.  

Where can I park at The Hive?

Cañon City is still a small town, but we're growing. We don't have the traffic that bigger cities do, but parking on and around Main Street is sometimes an issue. To alleviate parking woes, we encourage our patrons and members to enjoy the free parking in the designated lot behind The Hive and access the building through the secure door in the back using the Isonas keyless entry app on their cell phones.

parking sign

Is The Hive secure?

Security is our number one concern at The Hive. To create this security, we have installed inside camera security and outside motion sensor lights to protect The Hive and its occupants at all times.  Patrons and members can access the building after hours using the Isonas keyless entry app on their cell phones.

Is The Hive ADA accessible?

The Hive's doors, office spaces, desks, restrooms, and kitchen amenities are all wheelchair accessible.

Is My Dog Welcome At The Hive?

At The Hive, we know that dogs make everything better so we welcome you to bring your canine friends along with you. As long as they are friendly, well-behaved, and on a leash, they are welcome here with all of us. We can't wait to meet your furry friends.


How is Cañon City Pronounced?

Cañon City it's pronounced "Canyon City." In 1994, the United States Board on Geographic Names approved adding the tilde to the official name of Cañon City, a change from Canon City as the official name in its decisions of 1906 and 1975. It is one of the few U.S. cities to have the Spanish Ñ in its name. The tilde in Cañon City's name has become its symbol and is sported on shirts, signs and souvenirs.

A rare albino mule deer roams the neighborhoods of Cañon City and has been spotted countless times around town. In 2019, Cañon City's Mayor read a proclamation designating the deer’s new name, Tilde, which also is the character placed over the “ñ” in Cañon City. He said the tilde is as unique to the city as the deer. In January 2021, Tilde was discovered deceased 

What is Cañon City Known For?

Cañon City is known for many things by many people. Of course, a few correctional facilities sit outside of town towards Pueblo and we are also known for our many public parks, dinosaurs and fossil discoveries, Skyline Drive, The Royal Gorge railroad, the Royal Gorge, Arkansas River, extensive natural hiking and biking paths, sightseeing, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, skydiving, and endless amounts of seasonal activities all year round.

The city's nickname, "the Climate Capital of Colorado", derives from the combination of unique geography and 5,300-foot (1,600 m) elevation protecting the city from harsh weather conditions. Cañon City is growing in the technology sector and fast becoming home to many companies looking to relocate to an area with plenty of capability and none of the hassle of larger cities.

How far is Cañon City from the nearest airport?

Cañon City is host to the Fremont County airport, a small regional airfield just 9 miles outside of town. Pueblo Regional Airport is just 1 hour from Cañon City and connects to Denver and larger airports in the US. Colorado Springs Airport (COS) is just a 1.25 hour drive and offers regional service and connections to Denver International Airport (DIA) on a regular basis.

What is the climate like in Cañon City?

Cañon City is heralded as the ‘Banana Belt’ of Colorado. Due to our proximity to both the mountains and the eastern plains, the city enjoys a moderate climate and high desert environment.

While it does snow in the winter, most precipitation melts in just a few days.

Summers can be quite warm, with temperatures reaching into the 90’s on most August days, but this makes for perfect conditions for river activities.

Autumn is temperate and vibrant as cottonwood trees turn brilliant hues of yellow and gold.

Spring is also a favorite time of year, when local crops, gardens, orchards come to life, along with native plants and trees.

Who are the major employers in Cañon City?

For almost a century, Cañon City has proudly welcomed employees from both the Department of Corrections and Federal Bureau of Prisons. Health care, including the local hospital, St. Thomas More, accounts for 11.2% of Cañon City’s employment. The lifeblood of our community, the Arkansas River, enables a thriving tourism industry which welcome thousands of visiting whitewater rafters each year, as does the famed 90-year old Royal Gorge Bridge and adjoining theme park.

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