How is Cañon City Pronounced?

Cañon City it's pronounced "Canyon City." In 1994, the United States Board on Geographic Names approved adding the tilde to the official name of Cañon City, a change from Canon City as the official name in its decisions of 1906 and 1975. It is one of the few U.S. cities to have the Spanish Ñ in its name. The tilde in Cañon City's name has become its symbol and is sported on shirts, signs and souvenirs.

A rare albino mule deer roams the neighborhoods of Cañon City and has been spotted countless times around town. In 2019, Cañon City's Mayor read a proclamation designating the deer’s new name, Tilde, which also is the character placed over the “ñ” in Cañon City. He said the tilde is as unique to the city as the deer. In January 2021, Tilde was discovered deceased 

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