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It’s no secret that coworking options are the future of productive work. Coworking provides working professionals a sense of diversity and community, a space where communal cooperation becomes the norm, and a place to work that is environmentally sustainable.  

A 2018 investigation found that the social and collaborative aspects of coworking increased productivity and job satisfaction among professionals working in communal spaces. Coworking is good for the individual, the community, and the bottom line.

Coworking solutions are perfect for those who don’t work a typical eight-hour day or those who don’t need a full-time, committed office space. In today’s working world, people are often isolated in their remote working spaces, and they may crave a sense of community.  Some of us just want to see faces in our day and be social. Coworking provides all of these benefits.

Proud Support of FAR - Fremont Adventure RecreationWe have created The Hive in Downtown Cañon City, to provide the working, teaching, and community opportunities that provide the comfortable, sustainable, and infinitely productive space that so many are looking for. Stop into our historic building for a tour, a place to work, or a permanent place to call home. At The Hive, you get work done on your terms.

The Hive is Full of Dynamic People

Much More Than Just a Place to Work!

In today's rapidly evolving world, the demand for flexible office solutions has surged. Many professionals are seeking alternatives to the traditional, high-cost commitment of maintaining an entire private office building. They often desire more compact spaces for their daily tasks, or just a temporary spot to handle a call or connect their laptop. At "The Hive," we've crafted a dynamic workspace tailored to cater to a myriad of needs. We provide:

Private Office Spaces
Ideal for professionals requiring a consistent and personal workspace.

Shared Spaces
Perfect for those who simply need a desk to dive into their tasks.

Community Areas
Designed for hosting conferences or facilitating classes.

Whether you're here for a single afternoon or plan to make it your work haven for the next five years, a freshly brewed cup of coffee always awaits you at The Hive.

Being a member of The Hive allows me to meet clients in a professional environment. Having access to the amenities that come with the monthly membership fee saves me money, and valuable time in my business. Working from home is a great option however, having a place to call an office is better!

Peggy D Cañon City, Colorado

I have been renting office space at The Hive for about five months now. The owners, Carla, and Becki are amazing. There is a happy and peaceful vibe in The Hive. In addition to providing super-fast Wi-Fi and a fun space to work, there is a back room for that can be rented for workshops and other functions They also support local artists and 1st Friday events.

Barbara B Canon City, Colorado

The Hive is a quiet coworking space in downtown Cañon City. First of all, oh my goodness is this city gorgeous and adorable. But the people at The Hive were extremely responsive and accommodating. I booked a spot to take an interview the day before and they were extremely responsive and professional. The office itself is spacious with a quiet and calm ambience.

Taylor W Canon City, Colorado

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